Every now and then, when the weather is nice (from April to September), Baraccone organizes parties. They are fun days for those who like spending a carefree day in company and tasting local dishes accompanied by our wines. While a cheerful team of cooks prepares the food, the youngest guests (and not only...) are entertained with contests and games.

The adults go off to the woods and vineyards that surround the winery. Lunch is usually a serious affair: focaccia and cured meats arrive from the kitchen, succulent meat from the wood oven and wines in abundance from the cellar. Everyone takes their seats and satisfies that appetite that you only get in the countryside! In the afternoon there is a show with street artists to pay homage to the tradition that gave the winery its circus origins: mime artists, jugglers and clowns entertain adults and children alike and take them through a carefree day out in the open air.