The fact that how good a wine is depends on work in the vineyard, guides our choices in the cellar. All the winemaking operations aim to maintain the quality of the raw materials and to make wines that express the natural characteristics of the grapes and place, depending on the vintage.The management of the cellar is entrusted to the winemaker Stefano Testa, who, having followed the winery’s progress right from the start, has determined its constant and steady growth. Intervention on the must and wines is always sound and essential. The winemaking equipment itself is extremely limited, because work in the cellar is almost all done by hand and because most of our investments are made in the vineyard.

Our wines

Valnure C. Piacentini DOC Zagaia, Sparkling Gutturnio DOC Rì More, Gutturnio DOC Superiore Colombaia, Gutturnio DOC Riserva Ronco Alto, Cabernet Sauvignon C. Piacentini DOC T’al digh me, Filiblù.