Sparkling Gutturnio DOC Rì More

This wine gets it name from the stream that borders the vineyard. This stream also gives its name to the ‘La Moresca’ area, the last piece of land bought by the winery and where the Barbera and Croatina grapes are grown to produce this sparkling Gutturnio.

Maceration on the skins lasts a week; after alcoholic fermentation, malolactic fermentation starts. During the winter the cold temperatures help lower the typical acidity of Barbera grapes. In spring, once the two wines have been blended, they undergo second fermentation in pressure tanks, thanks to the addition of grape must. This wine should be drunk young, from the spring following the harvest. Sparkling Gutturnio is easy to match and goes well with elaborate pasta and rice dishes and tasty meat dishes.

Annual production is about 15000 bottles.