T’al digh me

"T'al digh me" (dialect for "I’m telling you") is a wine made with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes. It is dedicated to the current owner’s father, Alessandro, who founded the winery. He was always passionate about Bordeaux blends and was one of the first local farmers to believe in Cabernet Sauvignon, so much so that he planted it in his vineyards a long time ago. ‘T'al digh me’ is a dialect phrase that he used to repeat when he wanted to emphasize the authority of what he was saying. The grapes for this wine are picked at different times because the Merlot is an early-ripening grape, the first of the reds to be harvested, whereas the Cabernet Sauvignon ripens late and is usually the last one to be picked. Also the winemaking requires different times and processes. In any case, punching down and pumping over are carried out frequently to extract colour and aroma. After blending, the wine ages in small oak barrels for two years. Recommended with strong-flavoured meat dishes.