The name Zagaia comes from the old dialect word for the vineyard that produces this wine.

Zagaia is a sparkling white wine with very low residual sugar, an aromatic freshness and complex aromas and flavours.It is made from the expert blending of five varieties: 70% is made up of Malvasia Aromatica di Candia, which gives it a pleasant aromatic character and Chardonnay, which guarantees structural power. Ortrugo, Trebbiano and Greco add typicity and elegance to the blend.The different grapes are picked and vinified separately so that each one retains its own characteristics. After blending, the wine doesn’t spend time in wood and so retains all the freshness of the original overtones of each variety.It is particularly suitable with starters, it also goes well with fish and shellfish pasta and rice dishes.

Annual production is 7000 bottles.