Mosaico Piacentino

Mosaico Piacentino is an association of seven wine producers, who are also friends, all passionate about their work and the land they live in. Mosaico loves the Piacenza area deeply and works to develop it and make it known; they believe in the potential of its hills which are rich in cultural, environmental and food and wine attractions. Working in different and personal ways, the wineries that make up this group manage to offer a vast and attractive view of winemaking in Piacenza: a mosaic of souls, landscapes, grape varieties, wines, styles and people.


Vi.Ta. – Vino e Tavola (“Wine and Table”) is a group of producers of excellence in Emilia Romagna which the Baraccone Winery is part of. For some years now, Vi.Ta. has taken part in important national and international events where it has promoted and borne witness to the value of food and wine production in the region.