The family’s vocation for winemaking dates back to the beginning of the last century but it is only recently that it has become a professional business. Many memories have been passed down from generation to generation, which are linked to the harvest and crushing of grapes: it’s a long story about hard work and passion for the land.

It is a story that is often written by women, either through choice or destiny.The Baraccone Winery gets its name from the place near Folignano (near Ponte dell’Olio), where a winery was founded at the start of the nineteenth century. It continued working in an amateur way for about a century and the oldest vineyards are still to be found there.

In the past, itinerant merry-go-rounds and circus performers set up their shows here (baraccone means merry-go-round in the Piacenza dialect). It is these memories that have given shape to the winery’s trademark, which depicts a juggler.