The Baraccone Winery has an old history and recent development. History and development are the result of the work of many people. The owner today is Andreana Burgazzi, who runs the winery, carrying on the business she started in the 90s with her husband Luigi.

The linchpin in running the winery is her father Alessandro and, although he no longer works directly in the winery, he still acts as supervisor. The invaluable advice of the agronomist and the winemaker are put into action by the person who runs the cellar and vineyards on a daily basis, Serghei Railean, the tireless and irreplaceable manager of the estate who is now part of the winery’s history. 

Last but not least there is Benedetta, Andreana’s daughter who, despite her tender age, livens up tastings in the winery by holding her glass in her hand and gracefully swirling the wine confidently, showing off an experience that she doesn’t have!