An old company looking to the future.

This is our farm and these pages will accompany you, if you wish, along a story that will allow you to get to know us better.

About us

The Winery

Nestling in the hills around Ponte dell’Olio, the estate overlooks the plain from a natural panoramic terrace, with a magnificent view stretching as far as the snow-capped Alps.

This is our winery and these pages will tell you all about us. With a few words and images, we want to convey the passion that drives us daily as well as our pride in belonging to the world of agriculture and in getting the fruits of our work directly from the land. We hope the respect we show the environment will show you how aware we are of the importance of agriculture. Then, after an exciting journey through our vineyards, we would like you to come and visit us.

We’ll be waiting for you.

Baraccone is a small winery in Val Nure: 10 hectares of vineyards and 45,000 bottles of organic DOC wine.

The winery enjoys favourable natural conditions that enable us to produce healthy, ripe grapes: all the vineyards lie at 300-400 metres of elevation, on the well-ventilated eastern and southeastern-facing hillside; they are surrounded by woods which guarantee biodiversity and complete protection from pollution. Vineyard management is based on careful daily observation, respect for the surrounding environment and organic production methods. Work in the cellar is limited to preserving and enhancing the raw materials to bring out the characteristics of the vintage, the soil and the variety.

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The family’s winegrowing vocation dates back to the beginning of the last century, but it was only in the 1990s that it became a professional business.

Many memories of the harvest and grape crushing have been passed down from generation to generation: it’s a long story of hard work and passion for the land. This story has often been written by women, either through choice or fate. The Baraccone Winery gets its name from an area near Folignano (Ponte dell’Olio), where an amateur winery was founded at the start of the nineteenth century. It continued working for about a century and the oldest vineyards are still here. In the past, itinerant merry-go-rounds and circus performers set up their shows here (baraccone means merry-go-round in the local dialect).

The winery’s juggler trademark originates from these memories.

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The People

This is a family-run winery: Andreana runs it with the fundamental input of Umberto and Benedetta.

Pierluigi Donna’s invaluable agronomic consulting service enabled us to convert to organic management in 2015 and has been put into practice by Alessandro and David, who manage the vineyards on a daily basis. The cellar management is entrusted to winemaker Stefano Testa, who has followed the winery since the early years and developed its gradual and constant growth.

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ValoreValnure is a wine producers’ association, they are all friends, all passionate about their work and all share a love for the land they live in. Working in different ways, producing different wines that represent very distinct personalities, the wineries in this group manage to offer a vast and interesting range of wines from Val Nure.
ValoreValnure works to promote the territory by organizing events and dates aimed at explaining the territorial riches the Val Nure has to offer: landscapes, towns, local products, restaurants and, of course, … wine.

The Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers (FIVI) was founded in 2008 to represent the figure of winegrower to institutions, by promoting the quality and authenticity of Italian wines. By statute, producers can only belong to FIVI if they meet certain precise criteria: “The FIVI winegrower cultivates his vineyards, bottles his own wine, personally taking care of his product. He sells all or part of his harvest in bottles, under his responsibility, under his name and his label.”
There are currently about 1300 member producers from every region in Italy, with a total of about 13,000 hectares of vineyards.
The brand is now recognised by enthusiasts and workers in the sector as a guarantee of quality.

Sata Agronomic Studio is a consulting company Baraccone uses for vineyard management. Baraccone has obtained organic certification through this collaboration.
Sata’s approach aims to reduce the environmental impact and protect biodiversity. Biodiversity assessment proves essential for understanding the consequences that our actions have on forms of life present in the vineyard ecosystem and in the spaces attached to it.
Sata strongly believes in sharing knowledge, experience, difficulties and success, because it is an invaluable opportunity to grow; this is why periodic meetings are organised with wineries it collaborates with, in order to share experiences and knowledge.

We are partners of RIPRESO an Operating Group of the Emilia-Romagna Region whose objective is to optimise the economic performance of wine-growing companies through the use of remote sensing data functional to the site-specific application of inputs. Through a more widespread dissemination of precision viticulture, the Plan aims to combine elements of technological innovation and winegrowing tradition, in order to harmonise often divergent concepts such as efficiency, productivity, high quality standards and reduced environmental impact.

The project consists of a series of actions aimed at:

  • Identify a management strategy aimed at equalise vineyard variability to maximise the efficiency of exogenous inputs, to maximise the efficiency of exogenous inputs, improving productivity and quality of productions and reduce environmental impactof viticulture;
  • Reducing the use of copper through a variable rate defence strategy based on adjusting the spray volume proportionally to the vigour of the foliage detected in real time by a proximity sensor;
  • Promoting selective grape harvesting, whether manual or mechanical, as dual tool for enhancing variability for productive diversification and qualification as well as adaptation to climate change.

The project is funded with a total contribution of € 178.398,94 by FEASR, within the Regional rural development programme 2014-2020 Emilia - Romagna – Type of operation 16.1.01 - Operational Groups of the European Partnership for Innovation: “Agricultural productivity and sustainability” – Focus Area 2A – Project “RIPRESO”, Support application no. 5149719

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