Wine is life: it is patience, it is effort, it is pleasure. Ours is the passion to produce it. Yours to enjoy it.

Work in the countryside requires immense energy, but it gives back just as much: wine is effort, it is patience, it is pleasure, it is life.


The Vineyards

We realize that being able to see the results of your work every day is a privilege few can enjoy: working in the countryside demands enormous energy, but it gives just as much back to you.

It makes us proud to know that the order and balance we see in our vineyards partly depend on our daily work. This is why we want you to know about the tiredness that exhausts us after a day among the vine rows, as well as the gratification we feel when we obtain good results. We would like our wines to represent us and describe us, our work and our territory. We would like to transmit our enthusiasm and passion, to allow you to feel the serenity that our job gives us, to teach you how to live as one with the rhythm of the seasons, to accept their whims, to learn to be patient when you are in a hurry and to move fast when you would rather be idle.

All this is in our wine because wine is hard work, patience, pleasure and life.

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The winery occupies the summit of a hill whose slopes are covered with the main body of our vineyards  

All the land is situated in the Ancient Red Soil geological area, the oldest lands in the whole of Emilia Romagna. It is rich in red-brown ferrallitic clay which, together with iron oxides and hydroxides, adds to the structure and power of the wines. The Guyot training system guarantees the vines excellent physiological conditions, a suitable microclimate around the canopy and makes the vineyards look neat and tidy. The land is grassed over and mown regularly.The guiding principle for all vineyard management decisions is to reduce the pressure of diseases to a minimum while limiting defence intervention at the same time. Correct canopy management is the main way to get top quality raw materials, i.e., grapes that are ripe, full of colour, aromas, flavour and above all, healthy.


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We grow typical grape varieties from the Colli Piacentini area, mainly the red grapes Barbera and Croatina (locally known as Bonarda) to make Gutturnio.

Another variety grown at the winery and closely linked to the territory is Malvasia Aromatica di Candia, the queen of our white grapes used to produce elegant and captivating still, semi-sparkling, dry and dried-grape wines.
Cabernet Sauvignon also plays an important role in the winery’s vineyards and has found ideal conditions in this area for making structured wines with character, which develop individual and unexpected overtones.
There are also small plots of Ortrugo, Trebbiano, Chardonnay and Merlot grapes used for blends.

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